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04 April 2022

South Africa’s former white schools are the most racially diverse – yet one population group is conspicuous by its absence

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Preliminary research indicates that while white students almost exclusively attend former whites-only schools — and are vastly overrepresented in elite public and private schools in South Africa — black students remain sorely underrepresented in the country’s best schools.

Regardless of how we measure it, school segregation in post-apartheid South Africa remains very high along racial, as well as socioeconomic lines, and also from an internationally comparative perspective,” said Dr Rob Gruijters, assistant professor in the education faculty at the University of Cambridge, during an online seminar on school segregation in post-apartheid South Africa on Monday.

Gruijters, one of the authors of an unpublished, preliminary study, joined research specialist at the Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC) and co-author of the study, Dr Vijay Reddy, and professor of education at Stellenbosch University, Prof Jonathan Jansen, to discuss the results.

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