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15 July 2021

Lawlessness is used to overthrow democracy in South Africa

The chaos of these past few days is a reminder of the danger South Africa continues to live with, as well as an indication of the disfigurement of its law enforcement institutions. The danger comes from postponing a “better life for allWhich the ANC promised at the end of apartheid, while the crisis in law enforcement institutions grew out of a sinister motive to evade responsibility. The poor will come out worse off, and the bandits hope for state institutions that are too weak to dispossess them of their generosity and throw them in prison.

Mcebisi Ndletyana is the author of Anatomy of the ruling ANC: Perspectives from Port Elizabeth, 1990 – 2019 (HSRC Press, 2020). He is Associate Professor of Political Science, University of Johannesburg

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