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07 August 2019

France’s Africa Relations- Domination, Continuity and Contradiction

Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC)

Editors: Nicasius Achu Check, Korwa Gombe Adar and Ajume Wingo
ISBN: 978-0-7983-0529-7
Size: 245mm x 170mm
Pages: 199
Availability: July 2019
Price: R 400
Publisher: AISA

This edited book is a compendium of research work on France’s contentious and sometimes complicated African policy. It attempts to assess France’s policy issues that may have contributed or influenced the consistent economic, political, social and security crises in former French colonies on the African continent.

The book highlights how the Franco–African foreign and security policies, especially in the post-colonial era, perpetuate the colonial policies of assimilation, association and integration. In the pursuit of these policies, the chapters in the book highlight instances of domination, continuity and change in France’s economic, cultural and political grip on Francophone African countries.

The book provides a good historical perspective of France’s Africa policy and critical insight into the political, economic, security, cultural and social problems generated by the nature of France–Africa relations. The book provides useful insight into the nature of France– Africa relations, drawing on a good mix of sub-regional perspectives and country case studies. It present the issues discussed with accuracy, using relevant source materials.

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