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05 August 2021

Engaging communities in Limpopo Province for National Science Week

Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC)

Recent research has demonstrated that many of the challenges faced by rural areas can effectively be addressed by adaptation of existing resources and technologies, as well as building and supporting community capacities to solve their problems in locally contextualised ways. This thinking has opened up opportunities for collaborations and engagements between researchers and community and enhanced engaged scholarship. Literature in public engagement with science shows that the public values the opportunities afforded by the public engagements with science because this allows them to interact with scientific researchers. This builds their interest in and curiosity about areas of scientific knowledge than can positively change their lives (Jensen and Buckley, 2014 Nyirenda, et al. 2018)

In the quest to use locally available resources and building the capacity of communities to solve their own problems, The University of Venda through a team of multidisciplinary researchers and post graduate students run a dedicated Green Technologies Promotion (UniVen GreenTech Promo) Drive researching different aspects of Waste – to – Energy Conversion – Biogas Technology, (WECBioTech) since 2012. The project specifically looks into the possible use of  biogas technology as an alternative rural energy source that can be used in many facets of the community’s everyday life.

During the National Science week the UNIVEN and the HSRC will showcase this project through a documentary shot at specific communities in Limpopo. Along with documentary, the teams will run a community engagement aimed at:

            Establishing the public’s current understanding of biogas technologies and its value

            Creating awareness about the potential of biogas as a source

            Exploring community perceptions on how they can be engaged and participate in the project.


Structure of the Engagement

1.           Introduction of the team and the project by the research project

2.           Preliminary questions to establish

a.           The current knowledge and understanding

b.           Attitudes towards Biogas use

3.           Documentary showing

4.           Post-questions to identify

a.           Changes (or not) in knowledge, understanding and attitudes

b.           Perceptions on future engagements and collaborations with UNIVEN on BIOGAS

Programme – Mokgalakwena

Day 1:  Tuesday, 3 August 2021

13:00   Opening remarksDr Konosoang Sobane

13:10   Introduction of the programme

             Dr Palesa Sekhejane

13:50    Documentary showing   Link:

14:10    Questions and Answer   Konosoang Sobane

14:40   Lunch

15:00    Exhibition Showing         Senisha Moonsamy

15:20    Questions and Answer   Senisha Moonsamy

15:40    Closing Remarks              Dr Konosoang Sobane


Programme – Maruleng

Day 2: Wednesday, 4 August 2021

11:00   Opening remarks           Dr Palesa Sekhejane

11:10   Introduction of the programme     Dr Konosoang Sobane

11:50    Documentary showing                Link

12:10    Questions and Answer                 Dr Konosoang Sobane

12:30    Exhibition Showing                Senisha Moonsamy

12:50   Questions and Answer  


13:10      Closing Remarks          Dr Palesa Sekhejane

13:10    Lunch


Programme – Ga-Phasha

Day 3: Thursday, 5 August 2021

10:00   Opening remarks         Senisha Moonsamy

10:10    Introduction of the programme               Dr Palesa Sekhejane

10:50    Documentary showing               Link:

11:10    Questions and Answer               Dr Konosoang Sobane

11:30    Exhibition Showing                Senisha Moonsamy

11:50    Questions and Answer

12:10    Closing Remarks              Dr Konosoang Sobane

13:10   Lunch


Programme – Vuwani Science Resource Centre

Day 4: Friday, 6 August 2021

09:00   Opening remarks           Prof Bongani Bantwini

09:10    Introduction of the IKS exhibition               Prof Peter Tshisikhawe

09:15    Exhibition showing               Link:

09:25    Questions and Answer               Adv Dr Pfarelo Matshidze

09:55    Introduction of the renewable energy exhibitionDr Eric Maluta

10:00    Exhibition Showing



10:10    Questions and Answer               Dr Sophie Mulaudzi

10:50    Introduction of the panel            Dr Sam Kaheru

11:00    Webinar and radio broadcast    

12:00    Reflections from Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS)    Dr Andrea Juan, HSRC

12:15    Questions and Answer               Prof Bongani Bantwini

12:30    Closing Remarks              Prof Ntebogeng Mokgalaka and Prof Heidi Van Rooyen

13:00   Lunch

Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC)

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