HSRC Research Conference

The Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC) Research Conference 2023 takes as its theme “Next Generation Insights on Intractable National and Global Challenges”. The in-person conference will provide an opportunity for emerging researchers to develop their capabilities as the next generation of social science researchers in science communication through sharing their research which responds to real-world concerns. It also allows for the HSRC’s senior researchers to act as mentors, both before the conference and during the conference, to ensure capacity development and growth of these researchers.

Papers and presentations will fall into the following broad categories:

  1. Poverty, unemployment, inequality and economic reconstruction
  2. Climate change and sustainable development
  3. Social determinants of global health
  4. Regional security, migration and conflict resolution
  5. Technological innovations, including AI, and their societal implications
  6. Education, livelihoods and the future of work
  7. Social crises and their solutions
  8. Research knowledge, policy change and governance