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Invitation – Mobile Data Collection

14 February 2018
12:30 - 13:30

Date: 14 February 2018     
Venues: Pretoria, Durban, Cape Town, PE and Sweetwaters

Stand-alone solution or integrated plugin
The Mobenzi mobile data collection offering provides a self-service    environment for deploying any number of surveys and forms to frontline workers. The default interface provides a self-service environment for deploying any number of surveys and forms to  frontline workers.       Enabling “kiosk mode” automatically launches the Mobenzi app when the device starts and when the “home” key is pressed – reducing the risk of fieldworkers accidentally changing settings.
Thrives offline
No signal? No problem. Designed for limited-connectivity conditions, fieldworkers can capture data without any network coverage  whatsoever. Completed submissions upload automatically when data connectivity is available. Survey and form changes download without user intervention. All data transfers take place over a secure,  encrypted connection.
Intuitive data entry
Complex surveys and forms can be broken down into simple step-by-step prompts. Custom field layouts can also be configured where necessary.
Advanced data inputs
In addition to the broad range of standard field types available,   advanced inputs can be incorporated including photographs, signatures, sketches and barcodes. Enhanced interface controls   include searchable select lists, hierarchal option lists and configurable multi-selects.
Location aware
Each submission can be geo-tagged with the GPS coordinates of where it was collected, providing enhanced traceability and assisting with follow-up planning.
Real-time logic and validation
Sophisticated branch, skip and repeat patterns can be configured to guide the fieldworker through tricky logic flows. Advanced validation ensures high quality data is captured at source.
Connect peripheral devices
Integrate inputs from peripheral USB and Bluetooth enabled devices such as fingerprint and barcode scanners. Print receipts and other records by connecting a wireless printer.
Multi-language support
Deploy surveys in multiple languages – including multi-byte languages such as Arabic. Fieldworkers may select their preference from the translated versions assigned to them. Regardless of their selection, all submissions are linked to the same survey for seamless analysis across all languages.
Design with ease
The intuitive, drag-and-drop design tool simplifies the creation of simple forms and sophisticated surveys alike. Control logic flow,  enforce real-time validation and manage translations effortlessly. Need even more control? An extensive library of operators and  enhanced controls enable you to pipe previous responses into variables and placeholders, modify option lists, randomise and    perform calculations; to mention a few.
Slice & dice your data, then share results
Filtering capabilities allow you to segment collected data. Use the built-in charting to visualise data in real-time or share the results with a colleague. Password protected reports can be saved for sharing specific visualisations with third-parties or on the web.
Access & manage data in real time
Integrated reports and maps allow submissions to be visualised and monitored as they arrive from the field. When more complex analysis is required, data can be exported in standard formats or accessed programmatically via the API.
Monitor and communicate with your field team
Integrated bulk messaging keeps you in constant contact with your team on the ground. Leverage purpose-built reports to track  fieldworker activity and performance.