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The Value of SA Scholarly Publishers

20 January 2023

National Scholarly Book Publishers’ Forum (NSBPF) Conference

25 JULY 2022

Zoom and CSIR International Convention Centre, Pretoria

Proceedings report: National scholarly book publishers’ conference

ASSAf’s Scholarly Publishing Programme (SPP) hosted its National Scholarly Book Publishers’ Forum (NSBPF) conference on 25 July 2022. Scholarly book publishers present the foundational research that is drawn upon by policymakers, journalists, authors and researchers across the globe. ASSAf’s NSBPF is a representative body of publishers dedicated to the promotion of the scholarly book publishing sector in South Africa. The conference aimed to raise awareness of the contribution made by South Africa’s scholarly publishing sector to its national research mission to promote an understanding of the rigour of its processes, and to create a better understanding of the need for resource allocation to ensure its ongoing survival.

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