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SA Innovation Summit

26 August 2010

Start :

26 August 2010

End :

27 August 2010

Location :

The Innovation Hub, Pretoria


“Professor Bernard M. Magubane at 80: the Celebration of a Life”


The African Knowledge Producers Series


Calling all senior leaders, decision makers, entrepreneurs, HR and marketing people, and innovative South Africans to hear Zapiro, the crew behind the Soccer City Calabash, the CEO of FNB, the Sally Williams team and more to experience the essence of innovation at the 2010 SA Innovation Summit.

There will be a workshop by experts from the following organisations:

  • Blue IQ
  • The Development Bank of South Africa
  • South African Innovation Network
  • Sense2Solve
  • Research Instritute for innovation and Sustainability
  • Breakthrough Management Group International
  • AIRho Education Solutions

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