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HSRC invites you to the launch of Prof Daniel Plaatjies latest book:

19 March 2021
19:00 - 20:00


Zoom link:

 19 MARCH 2021  |  19:00 |  LIVESTREAM ON ZOOM 

Danelle Plaatjies as host of the conversation /debate/ responds with Stephen, Neil, Chen and Ike about the book that was supposed to be on the shelves last year. But as we all know Daniel always had 110 people to consult and things to think about. Prof Plaatjies untimely death gave his wife, Dr Lydia-Anne Plaatjies the opportunity to work with the HSRC to launch the book on the 19th March 2021 at 19h00.

Making Institutions Work in South Africa recognises that institutions are the pillars of a constitutional democracy they evolve through the actions of persons and as organisations they form structures of dynamic, shared social patterns of behaviour The book offers interdisciplinary critical commentary by scholars, analysts and experts regarding strategic thinking, structural and functional impediments and facilitators to institutions.



Danelle Plaatjies, LLB (UCT) LLM Candidate (UCT)


Stephen Porter, Evaluation Strategy Advisor, Independent Evaluation Group, World Bank

Neil Cole, Executive Director, Collaborative Africa Budget Reform Initiative

Chen Tseng, Head Research Financial and Fiscal Commission

Isaac Moroe, Former banned and banished journalist, Member of the NEC of MK National Council

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