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Disruptive technologies and public policy in the age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

10 December 2018

A South Africa – European Union Dialogue

When:  10-12 December 2018
Where: CSIR International Convention Centre, Pretoria

Invitation to participate in a SA-EU Strategic Partnership Dialogue Conference:

The Department of Science and Technology and the Human Sciences Research Council, in partnership with the European Union, invite you to participate in a multi-stakeholder Dialogue Conference on ‘Disruptive technologies and public policy in the age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution’. The Conference will aim to inform the ongoing development of SA-EU strategic partnerships, as well as policy options for responding to the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Disruptive technologies are impacting on some of the key sectors that underpin SA-EU relations, such as automotive manufacturing, mining, ICTs, agriculture, health, public sector service delivery, and digital industrial policy, amongst others.
Key technology platforms for disruption include industrial automation, services automation, digitalisation, machine learning, the internet of things, additive manufacturing, and genetic modification, amongst others.

We invite stakeholders from affected sectors, and active in disruptive technology domains, to contribute to the Dialogue through reflection on one or more of our conference themes, including: digitalisation, Industry 4.0, science, technology and innovation, education and skills development, the future of work, inclusive economic growth, disruptive technologies in the public sector, and the development of policy framework conditions (including legal, standards, IT-infrastructure, and cyber security).

Attendance and registration:

To attend the conference, please send your contact details and institutional affiliation to Ms Thelma Oppelt (

For enquiries or any further information, please contact Dr Michael Gastrow (

Deadline for registration: 26 October 2018.