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Conference – Restitution: Something for everyone

09 November 2016

Date: 9th – 10 November 2016
14:30 – 21:30 (9 November 2016)/ 08:30 – 18:00 (10 November 2016)
  Castle of Good Hope, Cape Town

The Restitution Foundation, the Human Sciences Research Council
and the Castle of Good Hope, along with our partners and patrons, would value your presence at the inaugural Conference on Restitution in South Africa.

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Restitution is a difficult, restless and provocative word. It speaks about confronting  injustice  and  actively  deciding  what  needs  to  be  done  to address a past that continues to erode the present despite our many efforts. While  it  includes  the  problem  of  land  and  socio-economic  redress, restitution ultimately aims at restoring dignity, a sense of belonging and all our humanity. This conference primarily asks what is restitution and how it can be achieved by individuals, communities and institutions. It outlines what is needed to ensure a future where there is something for everyone – to have, to do, and to give – so that the next 20 years of our democracy are better than the last, and so that our history of colonial and Apartheid oppression is squarely faced and overcome.

Who should attend?
Individuals, practitioners and academics, in all sectors – community development, sociology, business, education, psychology, economics – as well   as   across   all   our   divides,   whether   religious,   racial,   political, geographical or generational.

Proposals for sessions are now closed, and accepted papers are shown on the draft conference programme below. The deadline for registration is Wednesday 26th  October 2016, and can be done by email and sent to Dr.
Deon Snyman at or by text to 072 080 4717.